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Instructor Information

A positive & rewarding educational experience

Demonstrations of your products and hands-on practice for students as part of these classes is encouraged. Parts from and pictures or diagrams of your products can be used as handouts. We will provide a place for brochures, literature, business cards, and videotapes as space allows.

Individual WWET members, in their capacities at their respective agencies, cannot endorse your products or services or recommend that you be contacted to give training. Vendors are invited to present a class because a member of the water/wastewater community suggested that the presentation of their product information is anticipated to be interesting and educational. This invitation is not extended as an endorsement of any vendor’s product by WWET.

WWET-sponsored training will have State of Nevada Pre-approval for contact hours.

WWET will issue proof of completion for all training it sponsors, containing the class title, the presenting organization, the participant’s name, the date(s) of the class, and the number of contact hours approved by the State of Nevada.

Vendors and instructors may also issue their own Certificates of Completion from their company. Please pre-arrange this with the WWET representative for that class. Alternatively, mail your company’s certificates directly to attendees using your own attendance roster.

Training Facts
All Training offered by Wwet meets the following Criteria:
  • Relevance to the Potable/Wastewater Industry
    All aspects of the professions are covered, giving every operator the opportunity to broaden his/her knowledge.
  • Clear Training Objectives
    Each course has clearly defined objectives so students know what they are working toward.
  • Effective Training Methods
    The many talented instructors at WWET use effective classroom and hands-on training methods to communicate and illustrate the essential points.
  • Qualified Instructors
    The instructors credentials are provided to show competence in the subject.
  • Documentation of Course Completion
    Evidence of Complete Attendance will be provided for the student for submission to their employer.
  • Contact Hours
    Upon completion of the course, students will be provided with proof of attendance that includes the date of the course and number of contact hours to submit to the State of Nevada for renewal of their certifications.
  • About Certification Contact Hours
    Currently, maintaining a Water Treatment Operator or Water Distribution Operator certificate in Nevada requires five (7) contact hours for grades 1 and 2 and ten (14) contact hours for grades 3 and 4, every two years.

AWWA certificates for Water Treatment Operator, Water Distribution Operator, Water Quality Analyst and Cross-Connection Control Specialist have contact hour requirements that vary by certificate type and grade level. See the AWWA Continuing Education Requirements webpage for details.